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Bush Hawk RC

3D Printed Eclipson Model B Alaskan Style Bush Plane

3D Printed Eclipson Model B Alaskan Style Bush Plane

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(Please note these designs are being reproduced with permission from Eclipson)

The Eclipson Model B is a classic design inspired by Alaskan bush planes. Its sturdy and durable construction, including large Tundra wheels and a robust landing gear made of steel rods, allows for takeoff and landing in almost any terrain. The addition of wing struts not only enhances the scale appearance, but also provides exceptional strength suitable for aggressive or aerobatic flights. The model's large control surfaces allow for agile maneuvers, while maintaining stability and a low stall speed.


Kit Includes: (lead time 8-10 days)
All 86 3D Printed Parts
Build Video Is Available HERE

Required Electronics & Hardware (Electronic Packs Coming Soon):

  • Motor: 2212 1250kv or similar
  • ESC: 25-30 amp 3s
  • Propeller: 8x6 
  • Servos: 4 x 9 gram 
  • Battery: 3s 1200-1500  mah
  • Recommended radio: Minimum 5ch
  • Pushrods: 3x 1.2mm 50cm
  • Steel rod/Piano Wire: 2x 2mm 35cm
  • Wheel collars/or dabs of glue: 4x 2.1mm
  • Bolt: 4x M3x15 (nuts and washers aswell)
  • Bolt: 2x M3x30 (nuts and washers aswell)
  • Magnets: 2x 10x5x3mm
  • Screws: 34x M2x8mm
  • Velcro: 10cm or so
  • Glue: Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue)
  • Push Rod Connectors(or z bends): 4 units



  • PRINTED WEIGHT             350g
  • STALL SPEED                    29km/h
  • MIN WING LOADING       40g/dm² 
  • WING SPAN               1150mm (45")
  • WING SURFACE          19dm²
  • LENGTH                     776mm

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